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CrossFit Classes

Group Fitness

We believe that a group dynamic is a key component to creating an amazing fitness experience. In our CrossFit classes, you will be training alongside a wide variety of people, all dedicated to one goal: being the best version of themselves. Our members support and push each other to achieve their best.


CrossFit Connection is an inclusive space, and ensures that every person can participate in fitness. Regardless of your abilities, we will support your during your fitness journey.

All of our workouts can be scaled to any ability level, and our coaches are trained to create an inclusive environment for all people.


Our coaching team is made up of highly qualified, knowledgeable coaches. Every class is closely monitored to ensure you are having a safe and effective workout.

Our staff is trained to pursue constant improvement. We will not only supervise and motivate you, we will teach you how to be better every day.

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